Holy Ministry repels the attack of Satan


Less than several hours after the United Holy Church of the Thirteen Apostless was unveiled to the world, the forces of evil started attacking the Holy Ministry.

Last Friday, one of the Bishops of the United Holy Church of the Thirteen Apostles found the following message in his inbox (name of the sender censored for privacy reasons):

If you are Christian, may I plead with you in the spirit of brotherhood?

This United Holy Church of the Thirteen Apostles – are you part of it? Will anyone in Christ bow the knee to the false prophet Muhammad? A wicked man who rejected the divinity of the true Messiah and his substitutionary atonement! A man who brought nothing new that could be of any worth to the gospel, who executed a repentant adulteress – a new mother – a man who merely sought to conquer for his own glory and forced Christians to follow Islam.

Is not Christ enough? Has Christ not fulfilled the Law? Has he not covered your sins? Has he not given you life?

Apologies if you are not part of this ‘Church’. But if you are, I beg you out of love, please renounce Muhammad. He is evil. His is the way to the eternal fire.

I myself have worshipped false gods. Everyone has. But do not fall into this sin. Nip it in the bud! Rebuke the United Church of the Thirteen Apostles – or they will choose their own fate.

Your servant in Christ,


After having read this letter, it became obvious for the Bishop, whose name too shall remain classified in accordance with the communion’s seclusion policy, that our Brother in Christ, author of this letter, however good his intentions were, is a victim of Satan’s temptation which eclipsed his mind. In an attempt to save the lost sheep, as a good pastor shall do, the following reply was sent by His Eminence the Bishop:

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, et Tredecim Apostolorum, Amen.

Brother XXX,

With a great disappointment I finished reading your letter, as from a person who considers himself a Christian it was totally unexpected to see a text full of hatred and intolerance.

You call Muhammad “evil” – is it not up to the Great Architect Universe, the Creator of All Things Visible and Invisible, and to him only, to determine what is good and evil? You say that Muhammad “forced Christians to follow Islam” – but not even once Muhammad visited Europe, and if it was not for Muhammad, peoples of the Arabic Peninsula and Ethiopia would still be worshiping pagan gods. Muhammad it was who enlightened the stray souls, Muhammad it was who introduced monotheism to a pagan society, Muhammad it was who was persecuted for spreading the word of verity – in the same way the first twelve Apostles were.

You criticize him, but remember that, as you rightly pointed out, there is only one God – the Great Architect of the Universe, creator of All Things, and his Son Jesus Christ. It was a divine plan that the first Apostles had the luxury of meeting Jesus during their earthly lives (surely you would agree with me that would be truly a great luxury and honor for everyone). Because of issues which are not up to our human understanding, the Great Architect of the Universe designated Muhammad a different task – to spread the word of verity alone, without eleven more partners, and without the aid of God made man. All of us are human beings, and the Apostles too. None is without sin, except God the Almighty Father and the Virgin Mary. Like all humans, the Apostles had mistakes committed too – Paul, before God called for him, was one of the most fierce persecutors of Christianity; Peter, in time of danger, denied Christ three times. Muhammad, just like other Apostles, committed sins too, but his merits in showing people the right path certainly redeem them. Certainly it is regrettable that violence exists in our world, but such are the results of the lapse from virtue, and remember what Christ said: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34).

Yes, Christ is enough. Yes, Christ fulfilled the Law. Yes, he covered our sins. Yes, he gave us life and provided us with salvation. But wasn’t it Christ himself who enlisted the Apostles to be his messengers and to help him in his opus? In fact, Brother XXX, the impression I’m getting is that you, regrettably, failed to understand the very doctrine of our Church – we do not recognize Muhammad as an “alternative god” – that would be blasphemy; we recognize Muhammad as one of the Apostles – the companions of Christ.

Granted, you might dislike traditional Islam – but neither we follow it. What Muhammad was preaching was later misinterpreted by people who use religion for the purpose of satisfying their quench for power, and evolved into most terrible forms of religious terror. But was not the same happening with Christianity, on numerous occasions? Do all the priests in world verily follow Christ’s words? And can you show me a religion in which it would not be the case that not all the successors act as taught by the founder?

Again, regrettable it is, Brother XXX, that such are your views on our Holy Church, but to save the lost souls is our mission in this world. His Eminence the Supreme Apostolic Protector Alexander will celebrate a mass asking the Great Architect of the Universe to free you from misconceptions, and when you, hopefully, one day consider yourself ready and willing to join our holy communion, be sure that with open arms will you be welcomed here.

The blessing of the Almighty Father, the Great Architect of the Universe be upon you.

Your Brother in Christ, Servant of the Servants of God

Right Reverend YYY†, Bishop
United Holy Church of the Thirteen Apostles

On December 15, His Eminence the Supreme Apostolic Protector, as requested by the Bishop, celebrated a mass for the letter writer’s salvation. The Board of Bishops will continue to pray for the lost sheep and urges all the Faithful to join them. Amen.


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